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Sales Representative

  • Number2
  • WorkplaceShenzhen
  • DealNegotiable
  • Release Date2018-04-25
  • ValidityNo limit


Job requirements:
1. Combining business and development needs of the company, actively exploring customer channels such as developers;
2. Establish and maintain a good relationship with developers, promote the company's professional image and superior resources, and increase the company's brand awareness and reputation;
3, maintain good communication with customers, according to customer needs, to develop a suitable promotion program;
4. Responsible for the development and sales of product channels, implementation and completion of sales plans and tasks, and actively cooperate with the relevant executive departments to carry out follow-up service of cooperation projects to ensure the smooth progress of services;
5. Completion of other job-related tasks arranged by the marketing manager or superior.

Job responsibility:
1. Strong network customer communication skills, good customer service awareness and teamwork spirit;
2. Strong learning ability, challenging spirit, love of the sales industry, daring to innovate, and hard working.
3. Can withstand greater work pressure, with strong communication and coordination skills, social skills and insight;